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Your pregnancy in France, Le « suivi de grossesse » means :

Monthly check ups may be done by a midwife if your pregnancy present no risk factor (covered by social security). The last check ups (7th, 8th, 9th month) have to take place at the hospital where you are registered to give birth*.

Ultrasound exams : one every 10 weeks of pregnancy : 12, 22 and 32 weeks.

« Entretien prénatal » : For any question, regarding the system or your pregnancy, this is covered 100% by social security. « Préparation à la naissance » : For any question about the symptoms to expect, the birth, the stay at the hospital, breastfeeding … Visit(s) at your house after the birth are covered by social security (and your mutuelle) Midwives in France may also do gynecology consultations : smear test, family planning : pill, IUD…

*Going to the hospital for the birth is impossible due to insurance and regulations issues.